Arqaam Investment Partners / Project Harvest
Arqaam has invested in Agripower, which is an Australian company that mines and processes silica-rich fresh water diatomaceous earth (“DE”) for use as agricultural fertilizer, animal feed and other potential products; with an operating processing and manufacturing plant and licenses in respect of the world’s largest known reserves of DE.

Investment Drivers

Farming and food security as a hedge against market instability

Controls the world’s largest deposit of fresh water diatomaceous earth

Successful crop trials globally, across varying regions, soil types and different crops

Improves crop yield (demonstrated 15-60% increases), as well as quality and size

Organic / naturally occurring product, expediting international testing and approvals and allowing farmers to market their product as organic

Includes moisture, reducing irrigation and water consumption

Experienced management team 

Investment Structure and Terms

Investment Type: Convertible Notes 

Exit: Conversion into Equity; IPO or Trade Sale