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Arqaam Principal sources, structures and invests in opportunities that are within the Arqaam Group’s appetite parameters

Arqaam Principal – Appetite Parameters


This business is geographically agnostic, but with a primary focus on Emerging and Frontier Markets and, in particular, the Middle East and North Africa.


This business is also sector agnostic, but with a preference for investing in special situations opportunities and the technology / technology-enabled sectors.

Investment Stage

Typically, this business seeks later stage transactions with a target size of USD 5 – 20 million with an average investment horizon until exit of 5 years.

Arqaam Principal concentrates on the following types of transactions

Arqaam Principal – Transaction Types

Special Situations
Investing in transactions opportunistically to generate significant risk adjusted returns where there is an Arqaam advantage (such as information and know-how, contacts and relationships or the motivation or needs of a client or target), which could result in asymmetric returns which are significantly higher than would otherwise be the case.

Investing in technology / technology-enabled businesses primarily based in the Middle East and North Africa region.

Arqaam Principal conducts due diligence; then structures, arranges, negotiates, and finalises a transaction with the target company (equity, debt, or convertible notes); and then distributes the transaction for equity investment to its investor base, the Arqaam Syndicate, whilst retaining management of the investment until exit.  Arqaam’s interests are aligned with its investors as it typically co-invests in transactions and because the bulk of its returns are usually realised at exit.

The Arqaam Syndicate provides investors an opportunity to invest as part of a broader syndicate of various high net worth individuals and family offices.  This structure allows investors to invest alongside others; spread their risk and invest on a deal-by-deal basis, providing better flexibility for investors compared to a typical fund or venture capital structures.  Investors also benefit from strong access to pre-IPO opportunities and partnering with a renowned regional investment bank, which will support portfolio investments in their expansion plans while planning monetization events.

Arqaam’s senior management team are very well experienced in the provision of global investment banking products and services.  Arqaam Principal identifies investments with attractive risk return through its broad network of relationships with the management teams of various banks, corporates, asset management firms, brokers, and consultants.

Arqaam Principal – Transactions to Date

Brizenica Bay

Investment in a project to develop, manage and operate a luxury branded resort with hotel, residences, leisure, retail and other facilities at Brizenica Bay, Hvar Island, Croatia.

Mongold Holdings Ltd

Investment in an attractive gold mining platform in Mongolia, including an operating and producing mine with an attractive portfolio of additional exploration licenses.

Agripower Australia Limited

Investment in Agripower, an Australian company that mines and processes silica-rich fresh water diatomaceous earth (“DE”) for use as agricultural fertilizer, animal feed and other potential products, with an operating processing and manufacturing plant and licenses in respect of the world’s largest known reserves of DE.

Wego PTE. LTD.
Investment in Wego, a Singaporean company with a leading position in the on-line travel business in the MENA region and the largest metasearch platform across the GCC.
Quiqup Limited

Investment in Quiqup, a MENA-based and technology focused e-commerce enabler, offering last-mile delivery, fulfillment, and international logistics solutions to e-commerce businesses in the region.