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Arqaam’s Asset Management contains our award-winning Equity Asset Management and Fixed Income Asset Management teams.

Equity Asset Management – Using our top-rated research team’s model portfolio passive tracker, our equity products are having an impressive and extensive track record.  Our investment approach is simply driven by a bottom-up, well-researched, portfolio of stocks. We apply multiple strategies to generate alpha. We invest in quality, ideally less well-covered companies, with robust EVA creation, strong management, sustainable growth prospects or a good record of distributing cash to shareholders.  Small-caps and mid-caps are our core investments, which is helped by a small fund size. We participate in secular, long-term themes. We find valuable companies we can invest in for the long term, whilst not shying away from shorter-term opportunities. We selectively look at companies in a turn-around mode, as well as those likely to benefit from a significant change in the macro backdrop, and stocks that are trading at extremely dislocated valuations. Participation in events, such as M&A, index inclusion, and exclusions, as well as earnings surprises add further enhancements to our leading portfolio.

Fixed Income Asset Management – Backed by one of the longest and most experienced track records in the region, our fixed income team offer an array of attractive Fixed Income Products, consisting of conventional and Shari’ah-compliant funds and discretionary accounts.  Our core investment team has worked together for over 8 years.  Use of our in-depth regional knowledge and detailed understanding of the companies we select, forms the core basis of our investment process.  Driven by the highest compliance standards and a strong emphasis on thorough, detailed analysis, these features underpin our value-generating investment processes. This all shows in the excellent results we have generated in our products for our clients.

Arqaam’s Asset Management teams enjoy a diverse mix of skills and backgrounds.  In addition, the Arqaam funds use experienced external and independent auditors, custodians, and administrators. We provide a combination of solid international best practices with genuine local market knowledge. Our team members form the foundation of our business and are involved in all aspects to ensure continuity, career progression, and succession planning. This all creates value for your investments.

Asset Management Product Portfolio

Discretionary Mandates

  • With a discretionary mandate, you enjoy a bespoke investment solution utilising the decision-making skills of our experienced investment managers.
  • After discussing your objectives, the investment manager builds a tailor-made product to develop your specific investment needs.
  • All mandates and investment decisions are monitored using best-in-class portfolio management solutions. This ensures full transparency and oversight from a risk, liquidity, and investment restrictions perspective.
  • We provide customized reporting based on your requirements.
  • Our fee structure is based on several factors, including the size of the assets under management, investment/strategy type, and complexity.
  • Once the portfolio is executed, client interaction with the investment team is continuous. We also generally organize regular portfolio reviews as required/appropriate.

Fixed Income Funds

  • Arqaam Islamic Income Fund

Arqaam Islamic Income Fund (a sub-Fund of Arqaam Islamic Funds (OEIC) PLC) invests in securities and/or instruments with the aim to provide shareholders with good Shari’ah compliant returns. The Arqaam Islamic Income Fund only invests in Shari’ah compliant securities and instruments that have been approved by the Shari’ah Supervisory Board.  Currently, the Arqaam Islamic Income Fund targets an annual average return of 5%, net of Fees.

  • Arqaam MENA Bond Income Fund

The investment objective of the fund is to invest in fixed income securities and instruments listed or traded in, or issued by entities from the MENA region and Turkiye. The fund will in particular invest in fixed and floating rate investments originating from target markets pre-identified by the investment team with an emphasis on higher yielding instruments in order to enhance the risk-adjusted returns and will generally invest in fixed income securities that generally have a high level of market liquidity. The fund will target an annual average return of 7%, net of fees.

Equity Fund

  • Arqaam Capital Value Fund

This Equity Fund’s investment objective is to seek capital appreciation for investors by primarily, but not exclusively, investing in equity and equity-related securities of publicly listed companies having their principal place of business or significant business operations in the MENA region. We target securities trading at a discount, with the aim of selling them at prices closer to what can reasonably be estimated by the Investment Manager as their fair value.

Shari’ah Supervisory Board

For our Shari’ah-compliant investment funds, our Shari’ah Supervisory Board reviews all of these funds’ activities and investments during as well as prior to offering it to our investors.  They are composed of the following three core experienced Shari’ah experts, who are deemed well respected scholars in their field.

Sheikh Dr. Nazih Hammad – Chairman

  • Sheikh Dr. Nazih Hammad is the head of Shari’ah Board of Citi Islamic Investment Bank in Bahrain, the Islamic Investment Fund Limited of Credit Suisse in Guernsey, Channel Islands & Minhaj Advisory in Dubai. He is also a member of Shari’ah Board in many institutions such as FWU Takaful GmbH in Dubai, Ratings Intelligence in United Kingdom, Citi Islamic Global Equity Fund in Luxembourg, the Islamic Fund “Oasis” in United Kingdom, Al Fanar Fund Group (Permal Investment Management Ltd) in United Kingdom, and Islamic Leasing Fund (Australia & New Zealand Bank) in United Kingdom.
  • He is a retired professor of Islamic Jurisprudence & its fundamentals from Faculty of Shariah, Umm al-Qura University, Mecca (1973 – 1990). He is an author of more than 25 books, more than 50 research papers, and has supervised more than 25 master’s and doctoral thesis in Islamic Jurisprudence and its fundamentals, and Islamic economics.
  • He is also a permanent member of the International Islamic Fiqh Academy of the Organization of Islamic Cooperation (OIC) in Jeddah, a designated member of the Islamic Fiqh Council of the Muslim World League in Mecca, and a keynote speaker at the seminars of Future of Business Islamic Bank organized annually by the National Commercial Bank of Saudi Arabia in Jeddah, Saudi Arabia.
  • Sheikh Dr. Nazih Hammad is a holder of Bachelors in Shari’ah from Damascus University (1967), a Master from Baghdad University, Iraq (1970), and a Doctorate with the 1st honor from Dar al-Ulum Faculty of Cairo University, Egypt (1973), with the specialization in “Contracts and Financial Transactions in Comparative Islamic Jurisprudence”. His thesis was: “The Provisions of Possession in Contracts in Islamic Jurisprudence”.

Sheikh Dr. Amin Fateh

  • Sheikh Dr. Amin Fateh is the General Manager of Minhaj Advisory in Dubai – UAE, a company which is specialized in Islamic Financial consultation and Islamic Banking training.
  • He worked as an Imam for the Ministry of Awqaf and Islamic Affairs in Kuwait, an instructor in the Shari’ah Administration at Kuwait Finance House, lecturer at the University of Women in Jordan, Director of Religious Affairs at the Islamic Centre of Milwaukee and a lecturer in the USA.
  • He is a member of AAOIFI Shari’ah Committee in UAE, and of numerous Shari’ah boards in UAE & abroad.
  • He is a member of the Internal Shari’ah Supervision Committee for the following Banks:

– Emirates Islamic Bank

– The Islamic window (Al Watani Al Islami) of Emirates NBD.

– The Islamic Window (Saadiq) of Standard Chartered Bank

  • An Arbitrator & an Expert of IICRA list where he chaired many arbitral committees.
  • He was a founding member of the Shari’ah Scholars Association of North America (SSANA), and a former Chairman of its informational committee and former member of Fiqh Council in USA.
  • Sheikh Dr. Amin Fateh lectures and runs courses on Islamic studies in Arabic and English and he serves as a Shari’ah consultant for a number of religious and academic institutions and Islamic centres in North America and UAE.
  • Sheikh Dr. Amin Fateh holds of a Bachelor’s and Master’s in Honourable Hadith from the University of Jordan, and a PhD in Islamic studies from the University of Birmingham in Britain.

Sheikh Dr. Muhammad Amin Qattan.

  • Sheikh Dr. Muhammad Qattan is a member of several Shari’ah supervisory bodies in Kuwait, U.A.E., Bahrain, Malaysia, UK, Switzerland and America and a member of a number of scientific and academic committees inside and outside the State of Kuwait.
  • Sheikh Dr. Muhammad Qattan is an accredited trainer in various Islamic banks and institutions and a lecturer of Islamic Economics in several regional and international universities.
  • Sheikh Dr. Qattan is a holder of a Bachelors of Islamic Economics from Al Imam Muhammad Ibn Saud Islamic University in Riyadh, a Master’s and a Doctorates Degrees in Islamic Banks from Birmingham University, Britain. He has written a number of books and work papers for several local and international conferences.

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The Securities and Commodities Authority (SCA) has launched a new initiative to refund cash held in dormant accounts with brokerage firms, including those held with Arqaam Securities LLC. Investors who seek to reclaim their unclaimed funds must do so by submitting a ‘pay-back’ request to Arqaam Securities LLC, accompanied by necessary documents (such as ID or passport, bank details, account statements, and, if applicable, legal entity documentation or a power of attorney) as specified in the below announcement. Arqaam Securities LLC will then verify the claim and forward it to the Securities and Commodities Authority, which aims to process and transfer the funds within 5 business days, provided all required information is submitted.

إعادة أموال العملاء والأصول المحتفظ بها في الحسابات الخاملة مع شركة أرقام للأوراق المالية ذ.م.م

أطلقت هيئة الأوراق المالية والسلع مبادرة جديدة لإعادة الأموال المحتفظ بها في الحسابات الخاملة مع شركات الوساطة، بما في ذلك الحسابات المحتفظ بها مع شركة أرقام للأوراق المالية ذ.م.م. يجب على المستثمرين الذين يسعون لاسترداد أموالهم غير المدعومة أن يقوموا بذلك من خلال تقديم طلب “استرجاع الأموال” إلى شركة أرقام للأوراق المالية ذ.م.م، مصحوبًا بالوثائق اللازمة (مثل الهوية أو جواز السفر، تفاصيل البنك، كشوف الحساب، وإذا لزم الأمر، وثائق الكيان القانوني أو وكالة) كما هو محدد في الإعلان أدناه. ثم ستقوم شركة أرقام للأوراق المالية ذ.م.م بالتحقق من الادعاء وتحويله إلى هيئة الأوراق المالية والسلع، التي تهدف إلى معالجة وتحويل الأموال خلال 5 أيام عمل، شريطة تقديم جميع المعلومات المطلوبة.

Arqaam managed fund sells its stake in Al Dur Power to Kyushu, Japan

A consortium of GCC financial institutions which includes First Energy Bank, Ibdar Capital, Bahrain Islamic Bank, and Bunyah GCC Infrastructure Fund (managed by Arqaam Capital) have successfully divested their approx. 20% shareholding in Al Dur Power and Water Company (ADPWC) to Kyuden International Corporation (KIC), which is the international business arm of Kyushu Electric Power Company (Kyushu Electric),


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