Arqaam Capital Plans Middle East Equity Research Division in Beirut Dubai, UAE

Arqaam Capital, the only investment bank in the Middle East selling equities futures, plans to start a research division based in Beirut that will provide coverage on the approximately 300 equities in the region with a market capitalization of $500 million and above.

Arqaam Capital Advises on Middle-East Asian Transaction

CTI Group Inc., the Gulf region’s largest independent trader of cement and clinker, has agreed to make an investment in a cement production plant in Indonesia owned by Bosowa Corporation.

Arqaam Capital announces successful sale of its stake in Chesterton Global Limited

Continuing its tradition of executing successful transactions of high-profile assets in its portfolio, Arqaam Capital, formerly known as CiC International, has successfully sold its stake in Chesterton, one of the UK’s oldest and renowned real estate businesses.