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Arqaam Custody offers a best-in-class platform for the secure settlement and safekeeping of client money and assets in the MENA region and globally via one account; including reporting, access to listed securities issuances and corporate actions and proxy voting.  We provide and arrange custody only through reputable and top-rated banks and institutions as custodians to give clients comfort on the safekeeping of their assets.  Clients are allocated with a dedicated relationship manager and deal with an experienced team with regional and international experience and strong relationships.

Arqaam Custody services include:

Trading, Clearing and Settlement – We provide clients with global access to trade and settle in the stock markets of over 100 countries and use our experience and local knowledge to ensure a seamless solution for our clients

Safekeeping of Client Assets – We ring-fence client assets and ensure that they are held with reputable sub-custodians in segregated accounts dedicated only to client activity, to avoid any client exposure to Arqaam credit risk

Reporting – We offer a full array of automated reporting including statements which detail multi-currency balances, portfolios and transactional history and corporate actions; including indicative portfolio valuations and audit response requests

Reconciliations – We focus on daily reconciliations to ensure all clients positions are correctly recorded and use market leading reconciliation technology to facilitate an efficient and robust process

Multi Product Access – We offer a full range of products from listed securities such as equities, futures and bonds to more complex derivatives such as options – all available under one platform

FX facilities – We provide a single platform to allow clients to forex existing cash holdings for either speculative or settlement purposes

Corporate Actions & Proxy Voting – We monitor and process all corporate actions in client portfolios and provide clients with flexibility wherever possible to vote or attend in accordance with their own wishes

Collateral Management – We manage and report on all cash movements and manage liquidity in relation to client transactions including in relation to derivatives for margin payments and collateral calls