Governance / Control & Support
Arqaam Group’s business is supported by the following control and support functions:

Department – Role / Function

Dealing with operational issues such as trade settlement, account set up, transaction recording, client statements, reconciliations, managing relationships with stock exchanges, etc.
Dealing with risk assessment, management, oversight and reporting.
Dealing with accounting, financial tracking, budgeting, forecasting and reporting, IFRS compliance, FATCA/CRS/Economic Substance compliance and reporting, bill and expense payment and processing, managing relationships with external auditors and banks, etc.
Dealing with compliance, anti-money laundering and regulatory issues, dealing with regulatory licences, regulatory filings, notifications and approvals and managing relationships with regulators.
Account Opening
Dealing with account opening, maintenance and closing requirements, including securing all legal, banking, financial, tax, KYC, AML, Sanctions and Anti-Terrorism requirements.
Internal Audit
Dealing with internal audit planning and independent reviews of internal controls, including adherence to policies and procedures.
Dealing with legal and company secretarial.
Human Resources
Dealing with human resources issues and general office administration.
Dealings with IT systems, technology, software and cybersecurity.

The “control” functions are risk management, legal, compliance and internal audit. These functions have responsibility independent from management to provide objective assessment, reporting and /or assurance.

The “support” functions are operations, finance, account opening, human resources and IT. These functions support and assist the business lines towards the attainment of their goals.