Company Corporate Structure

Arqaam Capital Limited (the “Company”) is a Cayman Islands registered and incorporated exempt company with limited liability. The Company’s registered office is at c/o Maples Corporate Services Limited, P.O. Box 309, Ugland House, Grand Cayman, KYI-1104, Cayman Islands.  The Company acts as the holding company for the Arqaam Group. Other than acting as the holding company, it does not have an operating business and it is exempt from registration with the Cayman Islands Monetary Authority (CIMA).

The Company carries on business through its subsidiaries and is the parent company of the Arqaam Group.  The Company and its subsidiaries (collectively referred to as the “Arqaam Group” or “Group”) conducts business as a leading financial services, investment banking and private equity group, focusing on Emerging and Frontier Markets, with a particular emphasis on the Middle East and Africa.  The Group operates out of offices in the UAE, Egypt and Lebanon.

The Group’s business is divided into Arqaam Global Markets, Arqaam Principal Finance and Arqaam Fintech.  The first two business lines are active, whilst the Group is actively searching for investments in technology (financial and non-financial). Each business line (Global Markets, Principal Finance, etc.) has its own intermediate holding company and subsidiary entities, allowing for segregation of liability.

Arqaam Global Markets refers to the sales and trading, asset management, investment banking and other financial services business of the Group.  These services are provided through the Group’s regulated entities in United Arab Emirates (DIFC and onshore) and Egypt, and office in Lebanon.  Services provided include Cash Equities, Fixed Income, Derivatives, Equities Asset Management, Fixed Income Asset Management, Corporate Finance Advisory, Capital Markets Advisory, Research, Custody, Treasury and Foreign Exchange, and Client Solutions Group.

Arqaam Principal Finance refers to the principal finance, private equity and special situations business of the Group and relates to investments on a proprietary or clubbed investment basis, which is sector agnostic but with a real estate, commodities and technology focus to date.  The Group has invested in and/or has interests in and acts as “Manager” of three portfolio projects: Project Dalmatia, Project Mongold and Project Harvest.  Project Dalmatia refers to the Group’s investment in Brizenica Bay Investors Limited (Cayman Islands) and its subsidiaries in relation to a project to acquire, own, invest in, develop, manage and operate a luxury hotel and residential resort at Brizenica Bay on the island of Hvar in Croatia.  Project Mongold refers to the Company’s interests in Arqaam Gold Mine Investors Limited in relation to its investment in a gold mining platform in Mongolia.  Project Harvest refers to the Company’s interests in Arqaam Agricultural Investors Limited in relation to its investment in a business based in Australia mining and processing of Silica-rich Diatomaceous Earth, which is used as an agricultural fertilizer.

Latest News


The Securities and Commodities Authority (SCA) has launched a new initiative to refund cash held in dormant accounts with brokerage firms, including those held with Arqaam Securities LLC. Investors who seek to reclaim their unclaimed funds must do so by submitting a ‘pay-back’ request to Arqaam Securities LLC, accompanied by necessary documents (such as ID or passport, bank details, account statements, and, if applicable, legal entity documentation or a power of attorney) as specified in the below announcement. Arqaam Securities LLC will then verify the claim and forward it to the Securities and Commodities Authority, which aims to process and transfer the funds within 5 business days, provided all required information is submitted.

إعادة أموال العملاء والأصول المحتفظ بها في الحسابات الخاملة مع شركة أرقام للأوراق المالية ذ.م.م

أطلقت هيئة الأوراق المالية والسلع مبادرة جديدة لإعادة الأموال المحتفظ بها في الحسابات الخاملة مع شركات الوساطة، بما في ذلك الحسابات المحتفظ بها مع شركة أرقام للأوراق المالية ذ.م.م. يجب على المستثمرين الذين يسعون لاسترداد أموالهم غير المدعومة أن يقوموا بذلك من خلال تقديم طلب “استرجاع الأموال” إلى شركة أرقام للأوراق المالية ذ.م.م، مصحوبًا بالوثائق اللازمة (مثل الهوية أو جواز السفر، تفاصيل البنك، كشوف الحساب، وإذا لزم الأمر، وثائق الكيان القانوني أو وكالة) كما هو محدد في الإعلان أدناه. ثم ستقوم شركة أرقام للأوراق المالية ذ.م.م بالتحقق من الادعاء وتحويله إلى هيئة الأوراق المالية والسلع، التي تهدف إلى معالجة وتحويل الأموال خلال 5 أيام عمل، شريطة تقديم جميع المعلومات المطلوبة.

Arqaam managed fund sells its stake in Al Dur Power to Kyushu, Japan

A consortium of GCC financial institutions which includes First Energy Bank, Ibdar Capital, Bahrain Islamic Bank, and Bunyah GCC Infrastructure Fund (managed by Arqaam Capital) have successfully divested their approx. 20% shareholding in Al Dur Power and Water Company (ADPWC) to Kyuden International Corporation (KIC), which is the international business arm of Kyushu Electric Power Company (Kyushu Electric),


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